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Saturday, 20 October 2018

Fugus University Gusau (FUGUSAU) Has Released The UTME/Direct Entry

Authorities of the Fugus University Gusau (FUGUSAU) has released the UTME/Direct Entry Admission List Out Online for 2018/2019 Academic Session.

candidates that participated in the Federal University, Gusau (FUGUS) post UTME screening exercise that they can now check their admission status, as the management of the institution has released the admission list for the 2018/2019 academic session.

How to Check FUGUS Admission List:

As at the time of this publication, the list is only available on JAMB Admission Status Checking portal. Follow the procedure below to know your FUGUS admission status:

• Go

• Login to your Jamb profile with your username and password.

•Scroll down then locate and click the ‘Check Admission Status‘ tab.
Select your Exam year and Enter your registration number in the required columns.

•Finally, click on ‘Check Admission Status‘ to access your FUGUS admission status.

Successfully admitted? You have to ACCEPT or REJECT your admission offer on JAMB portal
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Adekunle Ajasin University Releases Departmental Cut off Mark

The Adekunle Ajasin University (AAUA) Releases cut off mark for 2018/2019 academic session. 

This is to inform all students who applied for the 2018/2019 admission screening into the institution Adekunle Ajasin University [AAUA] are hereby informed that the admission cut-offs mark is out. 



Agricultural Economics
Merit: 43
Catchment: 40

Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
Animal Science
Fisheries and Aquaculture
Merit: 42
Catchment: 40

Forestry and Wildlife Management
Merit: 42
Catchment: 40


English Studies
Merit: 60
Catchment: 55

History and International Studies
Merit: 60
Catchment: 55

Performing Arts
Merit: 55
Catchment: 50

Merit: 40

Merit: 55
Catchment: 50

Merit: 43
Catchment: 40

Merit: 50
Catchment: 45

Religious Studies
Merit: 45
Catchment: 40

Candidates who initially applied to Philosophy and Religious Studies are directed to change to another desirable course for which they are qualified.


Adult Education 
Merit: 40
English Education 
Merit: 55

History Education 
Merit: 45
Catchment: 42

Religious Education 
Merit: 40

Yoruba Education 
Merit: 40

Biology Education 
Merit: 53
Catchment: 50

Chemistry Education 
Merit: 40

Computer Science Education 
Merit: 49
Catchment: 47

Integrated Science Education 
Merit: 40

Mathematics Education 
Merit: 40

Physics Education 
Merit: 40

Health Education 
Merit: 47
Catchment: 45

Human Kinetics Education 
Merit: 40

Technical Education 
Merit: 40

Guidance & Counseling 
Merit: 45
Catchment: 42

Early Childhood Education 
Merit: 45
Catchment: 42

Educational Management 
Merit: 57
Catchment: 45

Geography Education 
Merit: 40

Political Science Education 
Merit: 45
Catchment: 43

Economics Education 
Merit: 45
Catchment: 43

Social Studies Education 
Merit: 40

Merit: 67
Catchment: 65


Merit: 56
Catchment: 54

Merit: 47
Catchment: 45

Industrial Chemistry 
Merit: 47
Catchment: 45

Environmental Biology and Fisheries 
Merit: 44
Catchment: 43

Computer Science 
Merit: 53
Catchment: 45

Merit: 40

Industrial Mathematics 
Merit: 40

Merit: 40

Merit: 40

Merit: 56
Catchment: 52

Physics and Electronics 
Merit: 40

Plant Science and Biotechnology 
Merit: 44
Catchment: 43


Merit: 56
Catchment: 50

Banking and Finance 
Merit: 50
Catchment: 45

Business Administration 
Merit: 52
Catchment: 48

Criminology and Security Studies 
Merit: 64
Catchment: 59

Merit: 54
Catchment: 52

Geography and Planning Sciences 
Merit: 43
Catchment: 40

Mass Communication 
Merit: 66
Catchment: 59

Political Science 
Merit: 55
Catchment: 52

Public Administration 
Merit: 51
Catchment: 48

Pure and Applied Psychology 
Merit: 43
Catchment: 40

Merit: 50
Catchment: 48
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UNILAG 2018/2019 Merit Registration Exercise for UTME Candidates

Unilag 2018/2019 Merit Registration Exercise for all newly admitted UTME undergraduate candidates has been scheduled to hold from Monday, 22nd October to Friday, 9th November, 2018, in various faculties between 9:00a.m. and 3:00p.m. daily. Please note that candidates are to report by 8:30a.m. for the exercise.

Prospective candidates are to check their admission status on JAMB website.

All newly admitted candidates are advised to adhere strictly to the registration schedule and screening procedure as shown below:


Stage 1: Uploading of Documents
Login to the Unilag Students Portal ( → students → student login) and fill the biodata form, print the Screening Form. Students are expected to upload the underlisted documents while filling the Biodata form:

Birth Certificate
Letter of Reference
Testimonial from Secondary Schools attended
Certificate of State of Origin
JAMB Admission Letter
Previous Degree Certificate (DE Students)

 Stage 2: Screening
(A) Proceed to the Faculty for registration as scheduled

(B) Submit four copies of the underlisted documents to the Registration Officer:

Screening Form generated from Stage 1
UTME Result Slip
Unilag Post-UTME Result Slip
O’ Level Result Certificate (WAEC/NECO) OR Statement of Result with an online version of the result
Letter of Reference from a reputable Clergyman/Imam/Lawyer/Senior Civil Servant
Birth Certificate/Sworn Declaration of Age
Testimonial from Secondary Schools attended
Certificate of State Of Origin
JAMB Admission Letter
Passport Photographs (12 Copies)

 Stage 3: Payment of Fees
Generate pay advice
Proceed to any bank to make payment
 Stage 4: Faculty/Departmental Registration

Proceed to the Faculty & Departments for further registration processes


Impersonation is a serious offence and anybody found guilty of this will automatically forfeit his/her admission and may be handed over to Security Operatives.
DRUG USE: The University has zero tolerance for drug use; hence a compulsory test shall be conducted for all newly admitted students before or after registration. The admission of newly admitted students that test POSITIVE TO DRUG USE shall be withdrawn.
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Women Protest Relocation Of DELSU 100 Level Students To Main Campus

Women of Isoko extraction have vowed not to give their votes to James Manager, the incumbent Senator representing Delta South senatorial district of Delta State, following the relocation of 100 level students of Faculty of Engineering from Oleh Campus, headquarters of Isoko South local government area to the main campus of the Delta State University (DELSU), by Manager’s kinsman and Vice Chancellor of the institution, Professor Victor Peretomode.

The pronouncement was made on Tuesday when women in their hundreds marched against the relocation of the students, alleging that the “dubious plot by the VC is to deny the Oleh Campus the needed revenue from the Engineering students, according to the tripartite system of funding the institution, which will hamper the development and sustainability of Oleh Campus”.

The women carried placards with various inscriptions such as ‘Prof. Peretomode, Send Back the 100 Level Engineering Students to Oleh Campus’; ‘Prof. Peretomode Stop Killing Oleh Campus’; ‘Prof. Peretomode Extend Development to Oleh Campus’; ‘Gov. Okowa Call Prof. Peretomode to Order,’ ‘Other University Campuses in Nigeria are not Run Like This’, among others, and issued a three-day ultimatum to the VC and the state government to revert the decision or face “the wrath of the Isoko people"
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Uniben Releases Admission List

The University of Benin (UNIBEN) Admission List for the 2018/2019 academic session is now available on the school portal.

All candidates who applied for admission in the university are therefore advised to proceed to check their admission status on the school’s website.
Candidates are to follow the procedure below to check their admission status;

How To Check UNIBEN Admission List

Candidates are to visit:
Provide your Username and Password in the required Columns;
Click on “Login” and proceed to view your admission status.
Candidates are also advised to check for their admission status on the JAMB website and click on “ACCEPT” or “REJECT” to indicate acceptance or rejection of the admission offer.
NOTE: Clicking “REJECT” is an indication that the offer of admission has been rejected by candidate.

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Friday, 19 October 2018

Paragraph Development

Paragraph development
Paragraph Development

Paragraph can be developed in a number of ways, depending on your purpose, the topic, and the kind of reader you have in view. The different method of paragraph development can be considered in terms of two broad categories:
  1. Those which stay strictly within the scope of the topic example ; illustration, description, definitions, as well as cause ad effect.
  2. Techniques which involve a second topic example ; comparison and contrast.
The method of development that you choose should be the one that will most effectively put across the point that you want to make: the point you have stated in your topic sentence. There are no rules about the kind of development to be adopted in any writing situation, although some topic lend themselves more readily to certain kinds of development than they do to others. It must be realized, however, that you can combine more than one technique in composing a paragraph.

Development Of A Paragraph By Illustration

Giving examples is one of the easiest ways of developing a topic. When a writer gives examples in his Paragraph, he helps the reader to understand a rather difficult and abstract generalization which may be contained in the topic sentence. He is also able to persuade the reader that the generalization is correct because there are examples to support it. Examples also add to the readers interest.
We often introduce examples or illustrations by using expressions like : for example, for instance, an example, etc.
Example 1 :
All warm-blooded animals are incredibly helpless at first. Young birds and young bats must be taught to fly. Thousands of young seals and young sea Lions are drowned every year. They never learn to swim 'naturally',  the mother has to take them out under her flipper and show them how. Birds sing without instruction, but they do not sing well unless they have had opportunity of hearing older and more adept members of their species. Older harvest mice build better nests than beginners. It is said that the young elephant does not seen to know at first what  his trunk is for; it gets in his way and seems more of a hindrance than help until his parents shows him what to do with it. Insects, indeed, seems to start life completely equipped with all necessary reflexes, but even then the concept of ' instincts ' seems fitrequire some modification, for they improve their talents with practice. Young spiders, for example, "begins by making quite primitive little webs, and only attain perfection in their art in course of time;" and older spiders, if deprived of their spinnerets, will take to hunting. 
When giving examples in paragraph to support your topic sentence, keep in mind that;
  1. There should be enough examples to support your point;
  2. Each example should be logically related to your main idea
  3. Examples should be developed with interesting details as the above examples the writer of the paragraph above does not merely list the examples, but tells us in what way each of these animals is helpless, the results of their helplessness and how they become self-sufficient.
  4. The examples should represent a reasonable cross-secrion of the group you are dealing with.

Development Of A Paragraph By Description

You may never have to write descriptions which are complete in themselves, but you may need to include descriptions in other pieces of writing, examples personal letters, narratives, reports and travelogues. You may like to describe people, places, objects, habits and conditions, as well as scenes such as accidents.
Since descriptions are connected with detail, the larger and more precise your vocabulary, the better your descriptive writing will be. The following items are usually included in descriptive writing:
  • Place and position; direction;
  • Measurements: weight, size, volume, distance;
  • Shapes and patterns;
  • Colours and textures;
  • Materials and substance.
Example 2
Of the more than 20 species of small whales, our 300-pound Playboy is identified by his gunmetal hide, his 8 to 12 foot length and his laughing face. The porpoise has no teeth at birth; they begin to appear (from 44 to 50 in each jaw) a few weeks later. Though he sickles for about a year and half, he begins to munch small squid at four months. He breaths through a single nostril, a crescent-shaped blowhole in his head that close upon contact with water. This is also the source of his 'voice', and he can vibrate it like a human lip. His eyes, set just back from the mouth, are like a human being capable of ranging. He hears through a cushioned inner ear and periodic bone, and has the keenest auditory sense of any animal. His brain weights about 3.7 pounds, which in cell count per cutic centimetre is the same as man's . Some Marine biologists believe that porpoises may have a higher potential of IQ than man, but have never had to develop it because they are so perfectly adapted to their environment .
This description of the porpoise is a good example of the type of writing that seeks to create a clear and accurate word picture of a subject without specifically mentioning the author's feelings about it. Notice the way in which the writer has built up a picture of the porpoise. The first sentence gives the general characteristics of the porpoise. The rest of the sentences add details to develop the subject. These details are concerned with the physical appearance of the subject, such ad it teeth, nose, eyes, ears and brain. Most good descriptions follows this progression from the general to the more specific.
When you write a description, keep in mind that you must:
  1. Begin with general appearance;
  2. Sleet such physical details as will support the description of general appearance you have given in your first snetence;
  3. Describe each object by giving characteristics such as size, color, design, weight, and material;
  4. In some description, especially of scenes and landscapes, arrange your details in a definite order, such as near to far, high to low, left to right, etc. Some of the words used to indicate position are:
To the right
To the left
In the centre
Next to
Along the
To the east/west/north/south

Right side

On the eastern end
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Delta State Polytechnic Rescheduled Test Date

Delta State Polytechnic
Delta State Polytechnic

Delta State Polytechnic Rescheduled Test Date for the 2018/2019 academic session. All candidates who applied are hereby informed that the management has rescheduled the screening date earlier scheduled for 16th October, 2018 for School of applied science and Engineering and 17th October, 2018 for School of Business.

HND Courses Of Delta State Polytechnic.

The Delta State Polytechnic Available Higher National Diploma Courses are as below.,
  1. Accountancy
  2. Banking and Finance
  3. Business Administration and Management
  4. Computer Science
  5. Science Laboratory Technology (SLT)
  6. Statistics
  7. Computer Engineering
  8. Electrical/Electronic Engineering(Power & Machine and Telecoms Option)
  9. Mechanical Engineering(Power & Plant and Manufacturing Options)

Delta State, Otefe-Oghar HND Requirements.

The Delta State Polytechnic Admission requirements are:
a) 5 O’level Credits including Mathematics and English Language in subjects relevant to the candidate’s course of study.
b) National Diploma (ND) in a relevant course of course of study from NBTE accredited Polytechnic.
c) At least one year Post ND working experience in the area of specialization.
d) At least two years Post ND cognate working experience for candidates with Pass in their areas of specialization.

Otefe-Oghar HND Application Method.

To apply for Delta State Polytechnic please follow these procedures;
  • Log on to then click on HND Application Form.
  • Click the payment button to pay a non-refundable application fee of Ten Thousand Naira (N10,000.00) made online with Verve or Master debit card (ATM Card).
  • Fill the online application form with the requested information and submit.
  • Print two (2) copies of the online acknowledgement form to conclude the registration.

DESPO HND Screening Date.

Screening shall hold simultaneously for all courses on 16th and 17th October, 2018 at the various Departments.
Candidates are advised to come with writing materials and HB Pencil
Prospective Candidates should come to the screening exercise with the following documents:
  • 4 recent passport sized photographs with one each attached to the application/screening form and the two acknowledgement cards.
  • Bursary receipt for the purchase of the forms
  • Certificates/Statement of Result
  • Certificate of Local Government of Origin
Closing Date: Interested Candidates should apply on or before 10th October, 2018.
Note : If you want to share latest news in your school kindly click on this link Click me
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Unibadan 2018-2019 Admission Requirements

Unibadan 2018-2019 admission requirements
Visit University of Ibadan admission portal to submit the Online Application for Admission. Below are the general requirements;
unibadan 2018-2019 admission
In addition to combinations of subjects for each department as publicized in the JAMB brochure, every applicant should take into the consideration the following.
Unibadan accepts five credits at only one sitting in the following faculties:
Basic Medical Sciences
College of Medicine
Clinical Sciences
Public Health
The Unibadan recognizes five credits at one sitting and six credits at two sittings in the following faculties:
Agriculture and Forestry
Veterinary Medicine
Education Technology
The Social Sciences
All interested applicants should note that it is only when an “O” level result is lacking for a course of choice, that another result may be accessible to compliment the lacking one. All applicants with two “O” level results (two sittings) must confirm that the comprehensive details of both results are submitted.
Now you are aware of all the Unibadan 2018-2019 admission requirements. If you have any questions or comment kindly drop it below and we get back to you as soon as possible.
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Danger Of Blood Covenant

Danger of blood covenant
TITLE : Danger Of Blood Convenant
(Episode 1)
My name is Jude, a student of community secondary school in Lagos Nigeria,am a handsome guy, my hobby is reading and football.
When i was in secondary school, in ss1 class, I dont have a girlfriend but i so much like to play with girls, almost all the girls in our class liked me because am very handsome and educated also, then i was still a virgin even as a man, am a virgin because i have not dated any lady in my life before, i have looked for many opportunity to have Sex with a lady but i found none, my virginity was just lack of opportunity, i want to test and see how Sex look like, but each time i make plans for it, the plan will be scatted and i will end up doing nothing, I was just waiting for any opportunity to come my way so that i can actually enjoy my self with a lady.
One day, i invited one of my classmate to visit me in my parents home, we scheduled the appointment on Saturday afternoon because i know that i will be in the house all alone and my parents might have gone to work by then.
on that fateful Saturday afternoon, my classmate Joy finally visit my house, i was so happy to see her, she never had the thought that i wanted to have Sex with her that particular day, she was visiting me with a clear mind, and she thought my parents will be at home.
when she finally arrived my home, she was surprise not to meet my parents in the house, i told her that my parents have gone to work, my father was a business man while my mother was working with a company.
when she came, i offered her drink, she was very happy to visit my house.
I dont know how to tell her that i want to sleep with her, so i started like this,
i said….
Joy do you know that i love you? She was smiling and she said nothing, i moved closer to her, i held her hands, i kissed her and i was touching her.
Joy was just smiling and she didnt say anything, i started playing with her seductively and immediately someone knocked at the door, when i opened the door, it was my friend Emeka, oh! i have missed another opportunity.
So we started gisting and discussing until Joy left my house.
Joy was my very close friend in class, she once told me that she is not a virgin, so this made me to have it at the back of my mind that i must sleep with Joy weather devil like it or not.
On Monday after that Saturday that Joy visited my house, we met in school and have some series of discussions, and from there, my love for her began to grow step my step, Joy was one of the most beautiful girl in our class, she is so gentle and she dont talk too-much.
After our ss1 class, we entered ss2 and our love was even growing more and more, one day i opened up to joy that i am still a virgin and i will like to sleep with her, i thought joy will be angry with me but she smiled and said ok.
She said she will allow me to sleep with her because she loved me so much, i was very shy to look at her face.
After 3 days of that discussion, Joy invited me to her parents house, she said her parents went for a church program, she was the only one at home, Joy was the only child of her parents, am the only child of my parents also, when i got to her house, she gave me food, i ate and after eating, she was the one that took me inside her bedroom, i made love to her that day and that was my first time and Joy was the first woman I had Sex with in my life. oh! my heart was filled with joy that very day and  iwent home smiling.
My love for Joy even grew more stronger, a day will never pass without calling her on phone, a day will never pass without hearing her sweet and succulent voice, i never knew that life could be so sweet until when i met Joy.
If You are Interested In Episode 2..
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