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Friday, 28 July 2017

God's Covenant With Abraham

For this lesson you have to read Genesis 12:1-9; 17:1-21; 21:1-8; 25:19-26
(I) A covenant is an agreement. It also means a contract.

The Call Of Abraham
   Abraham was born in Ur of Chaldea, a city in which idols were worshipped.  Abraham was not an idol worshipper.  He was a believer in the existence of only one God. God called Abraham and told him to leave his home town which was steeped in idolatry,  and to go to a land called Canaan in order that he might live apart and worship Him there.

God's Promise To Abraham
God made a promise to Abraham that ;
• His descendants would be as numberless as the stands of the sea.
• His descendants would be a great nation.
• His descendants would inherit the land of Canaan.
• That through them all nations would be blessed.

Abraham obeyed God's command and left his home reaching Canaan after some years of traveling.  In the course of time God appears to him and changed his name to Abraham ( from Abram), meaning " the father of multitudes" and his wife name from Sarai to Sarah. When Abraham got to Shechem after the call, God appeared to him and said,  " Unto your seed will I give the land".
   God made a convenient with Abraham whereby Abraham and his descendants must be CIRCUMCISED as a sign that they were God's chosen people.  This was to distinguish the seed of Abraham from the Gentiles. Abraham was also told that his descendants should possess the land of Canaan after they had spent 40 years in a foreign land.

  Abraham's wife, Sarah was the mother of only one son,  Isaac. He was born when Abraham was 100 years and Sarah was 90 years old.  The birth of Isaac was a direct fulfillment of God's promise to Abraham.

Isaac had two sons Esau and Jacob. Jacob who was the younger of the two sons bought birth-right from Esau and deceive his father to get his blessing.  He later suffered on account of his deception but it could be seen that God chose him instead of Esau to continue His promise to Abraham. The descendants of Jacob and not those of Esau, eventually inherited the 'Land of Promise '.

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were patriarch or ancestors of the Hebrew nation, Jacob was renamed "ISRAEL" by the angel who wrestled with him at Peniel. His descendants became known as the ISRAELITE

(I) Covenant was the agreement between God and Abraham.
(ii) God promised Israelites many blessings subject to their obedience to God.
(III) Abraham left his home in obedience to God's instructions.
(it) Circumcision of all Abraham's descendants was a special sign of God's covenant with Abraham.

Significance Of the Lesson
• God's promise will always be fulfilled whether we like it or not

• We are blessed as we obey God's commandments.

Feel free to ask questions as we will ensure to respond as fast as possible

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Sunday, 23 July 2017

The Kings Golden Cup - kids story

Story! story!!.. Once upon a time, there lived a king in Kotoye village. He was quite rich and Kind.
He decided to have a party to mark his golden jubilee anniversary on the throne and his eightieth birthday.

It was an open house party for the rich and the poor alike. Friends and well-wishers were all invited : the big and small, tall and short, the leaders and the led. They were all there. It was a full house.

It was a great celebration with plenty of food to eat and drink. The musicians were not left out nor the praise singers. It was a JAMBOREE.

At last, the party was over, very late in the evening. The king retired into his inner room feeling quite happy. He wanted to have a cold drink with his cup and behold the cup was missing! What a tragedy. This was the only item the King had inherited from his late grandfather. It must not get lost.

The King raised an alarm. Everybody rose up to the challenge. The King's Golden Cup must be found. The search started that night. From house to house, Street to Street village to village the search parties went out for the King's Golden Cup.

" is it a crime to have an open door party"? People asked. This is our beloved king, his golden cup must be found. Day after day, month after months, yet the King's Cup was not found and the king was unhappy. When it was exactly a year after the party, the king came up with a decree. Anyone who got his golden cup gets a golden prize.

Then a poor man came early the following morning and humbly asked for a request "my lord" he said,  "I can get your golden cup if you grant me this request. Provide me with a very white horse and a beautiful dress, let me ride upon this white horse throughout the length and breath of this village for one whole week with some messengers and praise singers. "

The sad king agreed and the arrangement was made.  The poor man's request was granted. He ride on the white on the white horse as a Prince with praise singers going before him. They sang his praise as the King's elect for having taken the King's Golden cup. After all the king wanted to honour the one who took his golden cup and was glad to have got him at last!

One of the King's faithful servant came out in loud protest. He ordered the poor man to get down from the horse very quickly. "Show me the golden cup if you have it, " he demanded.

He rushed into his inner room to bring out the King's Golden cup to the surprise of everyone. " I should ride on that white horse, not you poor beggar, " he said as he pulled down the poor man and jumped on top of the horse.

He then rode to his fall, to his shameful end as a dishonest servant. The king got the news and sent for the servant and the praise singers. The Golden cup was taken from him and he was sentenced to life jail with hard labour.

The poor man was promoted as the King's servant to replace the dishonest one.

Honesty is the best policy!
The end of my story 
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