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Friday, 19 October 2018

Most Difficult Courses To Study In Nigeria

Most difficult courses to study in Nigeria. 
Of course there is no such thing as an easy course in the higher institution. But taking some of them may be a real challenge for you. It is nothing to be afraid of though. It takes only the hardworking and the dedicated to study these courses.
So here are list of courses that we find difficult to study in Nigeria Universities;


While you are studying engineering, be prepared to learn all the difficult subjects – from the mechanics to chemical engineering. So you should better buy the biggest calculator you can find.


  Chemistry sounds fun. It is fun if you imagined some guys in the lab that mix some elements and make everything blow. But it turns out that this course is one of the most difficult and includes more math and physics, than you could imagine.


This course also sounds fun. Some people think that this is a mix of biology and chemistry. In fact you will have to deal with big organic structures, develop your logical skills and do a lot of mathematical calculations. You will be forced to develop your memory skills as well to remember difficult structures of carbohydrate and enzyme. You will have to learn a lot within a short period of time.


When you are applying for this course, you might have thought that it would be easier than medicine. But then, you quickly understand that you were wrong. You will be dealing with even more math, physics and chemistry than for Medicine courses. But don’t forget that nothing is impossible. And if you study hard enough and graduate, you will be rewarded by a highly paying job, which can be a real pleasure for you.


You imagine yourself drawing marvelous projects of skyscrapers. But then you understand that you would be studying a lot of math, optics, drawing and geometry. So it can be not as friendly as you thought.


The hardest thing here is to understand that after you graduate, you would be responsible for people’s lives. And during the course of your study, you will be forced to read dozens of heavy textbooks. And don’t forget about passing MBBS exam, which contains Anatomy, physiology and biochemistry.
Note : This post is not meant to discourage you from reading any of the above course but rather was meant for audience to have an insight of what and how the course looks like, hence it just for interaction purpose .

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