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Saturday, 17 March 2018

Forms Of Government

Apart from the two major systems of Government that is the presidential and cabinet systems of Government , there are other system or institutional forms of Government. They include Federal, Con federal and unitary systems of Government.

Forms Of Government

    Democracy which Abraham Lincoln in his Gettysburg speech described as the government, of the people, by the people and for the people is a movement from the Rule of the few to the Rule of the many, Democracy is thus a form of government in which the supreme power of the state is vested in the people collectively and is administered by them or by officers elected by them. The distinguishing badge of a democracy is the acceptance and recognition of the essential equality of all, before the law. This in turn dictates equality of rights and privileges by the social, political or religious. There cannot therefore be any meaningful democracy without justice, liberty and freedom.
   Another definition of democracy is that it is a system of government in which the will of the majority of qualified citizens prevails, Democracy can also be defined as a majority government or a government elected by the majority of the electorate (qualified adult citizens).
There are two types of of democracy. They are :
Direct Democracy : This is the type of democracy where every qualified adult citizens in a state or community participate in decision making directly without electing representatives. The Igbo-traditional society and the Greek city states practiced this type of democracy.
Indirect Democracy : This is the type of democracy where the qualified adult citizens in a community or state elect members or representatives into the parliament who then take decisions on their behalf. This is the type of democracy practiced in this modern time.
       This type of democracy is sometimes referred to as representative government . democracy as a system of government originated from the Greeks. In a democracy political sovereignty is vested on the people or electorate.

Features/Characteristics Of Democratic Government

The main features of a democratic government are;
  • Majority rule
  • Free and Fair elections of representatives
  • The rule of law 
  • Equality before the law
  • Periodic election - elections are held from time to time to elect the leaders
  • Supremacy of the law
  • Fundamental human right
  • Independence of the judiciary
  • Freedom of the press
  • Existence of opposition political parties especially in a parliamentary system of government.

Advantages of Democracy

  • An efficient form of government
  • Abuse of power is avoided since a bad government can be voted out
  • It upholds individual liberties
  • It is a rational form of government
  • It assures equality
  • Order and progress goes together in democracy
  • It educates the masses
  • It ensure a stable form of government
  • It promotes patriotism

Disadvantages Of Democracy

  • Unscrupulous individuals may use thuggery to intimidate opponents.
  • The best may not win elections.
  • It is expensive form of government.
  • Unhealthy competition between politicians and some times political parties could lead to tension, crises and political instability.

2. Monarchy

     This is the rule by king or Queen. It is the oldest form of government based on Queen or king as the leader or head of government.
He is not subject to any limitations. He does anything according to his own will. He is the sovereign. He is the supreme judge, high priest, Britain and Traditional Africa societies.
     There are absolute monarch and constitutional monarch;
An absolute monarch - Is a king whose authority is not limited, by law, final authority rest on him.
Constitutional monarch - In a constitutional monarch the power of the king is limited by law that is the Queen of England is a constitutional monarch.  She can only do or act on advice by the prime minister and the cabinet.

3 Communalism

In human history, society has developed and progressed from communalism to feudalism, capitalism, socialism, and communism.
   Communalism is the first, most primitive and the simplest mode of production. In this system or mode of production the land and what is produced from the land belongs to all members of the community and equitably distributed or shared.

4 Capitalism

    This is an economic term in which private persons are permitted (under regulations laid by the state) to undertake enterprises providing or borrowing the necessary capital to produce goods and services and taking the profits. If any, after all the cost of production has been subtracted. It essential features are are the private ownership of mean of production and distributed. Individualism, exploitation, inequality in wealth and property inheritance. Britain; Nigeria, USA and West Germany, are good examples of capitalism.

5 Socialism

    Socialism is philosophical, political and economic theory which says that 'land, transport, the chief industries, natural resources examples coal, water, power etc should be owned and managed by the state or by public bodies and wealth equally distributed.
Socialism is also a type of ideology and economic system which allows the state the right to own and control the commanding heights of an economy, Commanding heights of an economy refers to the essential industries in a state or country such as electricity, water, iron and steel etc.
       Socialism as an economic system does not allow or encourage individual ownership of private properties. Socialism encourages state ownership of everything including agriculture. Socialism as an ideology primarily aims at eradicating excessive capitalist exploitation in different parts of the world. It aim at bridging the gap between the haves and haves nots.
    In countries where socialism is practice such as Soviet Union, Poland, Romania etc there is free education at all levels, free medical services, full employment etc. The state carters for everybody. Everybody belongs to the state and works for the interest of the state.

6 Communism

Karl Marx defined communism as the last stage of socialism. Communism is a term coined by Karl Marx to describe the process of withering away of the state, in other words communism is a type of economic system and ideology which presupposes that there will be a time the state will wither away and there will be no government. Communism as an ideology does not recognizes unlimited individual, freedom and liberty. The individual is the master of himself and is not under any rule. There is nothing like exploitation or inequality, since under socialism, all these have been taken care of. The individual is free to pursue his own business the way it suit him or her without interfering with the liberty or right of others. Under communism everybody is equal and happy. Every man according to his needs.
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Cries Of Colben Students


The college of Education,Ekiadolor, Benin City ,is located at Ekiadolor community, 25 kilometers from Benin City. 


     The institution was originally established in 1979 as an Advanced Teachers Training College (ATTC), for the training of teachers, then located at Iyaro,Benin City. It was formerly opened on the 15th May,1980 and renamed as the College of Education,and moved to its present location from Benin city in April 1986. 
  ITS Visions, Missions
" To be the leading educational institution in Nigeria with adequate resources to offer quality training in middle-level manpower development to meet the nation's social, economic, scientific and technology challenges "

 B. Mission
"To offer excellent teaching that is practically oriented and turn out quality graduates that can be self-reliant and can contribute meaningfully in all areas of of human endeavour"

  " To produce disciplined and quality graduates in academic disciplines both in theory and practice who can compete favourably with their counterparts from other similar institutions in the employment market and work place "

 A promised Yet To Be Kept
" From College Of Education, To Tayo Akpata University "

    The announcement and declaration by the then governor Of Edo state, Comrade Adams Aliu Oshiomhole, actually brought joy to the people of Ekiadolor community, students and staff of the college Of Education, Ekiadolor. This was more so,because a similar promise was made 15 years, by Lucky Igbinedion,but which failed to come to reality. 
     The upgrading of the school to University, was further backed up with the declaration by the governor at the funeral ceremony of late Chief Tayo Akpata,a former commissioner of Education in the old Bendel state.
   The Comrade governor did not stopped there, as he even went further to set up a committee of panel of professors, headed by professor Dennis Agbolahor  to carry out staff verification and audit in preparation for the institution to take off as a University.
  On the arrival of Governor Godwin Obaseki, the hopes and aspirations of the College's community was once again rekindled, owning to the facts that:
1, He is from the Edo South senatorial district; where the Institution is located,
 2, He is from the same Political Party of the former governor,
3, more so, that the governor also promised to fulfill the promise made by his predecessor.

  But little did we know that all of this, was one of those political gimmicks. A joke not to be taken serious and a dream still far to be realized soon.
The current state of The Institution
  The current state of the institution is precarious.
It is comparable to "a bride ready for marriage, but without a groom "
 The institution is neither a College nor a University at the moment. The only students that are in it now, are in their  final year stage,due to graduate by September/October, 2018.
  The school atmosphere is now devoid of its usual busy nature, businesses and other commercial activities in the area has hit the rock.
  The campus is now a shadow of itself, with the hostels almost in shambles. Rodents are now having their fun in most of the structures of this once very busy atmosphere of learning.
 Administrative activities in the school, is now at its lowest compared to its good old days.

Don't sodomlize colben

For once in my life i have come to appreciate education in all ramifications of life,  i never knew how sound education can make one useful in the society 

   When i Flash back to history and have thought on how the college whom she is still  ready to function, instill in humans good morals,  ethics,  values and norms,  i burst into tears, feeling nostalgic  because our government has likened the college of education ekiadolor to sodom and Gomorrah which is not supposed to be so,  because  the college has committed no sin worth destroying or sending into extinction...........

  We want to appeal on behave of the institution, and joining voices and efforts to all other numerous old students, staff and the good sons and daughters of Edo State indigenes to appeal to the Edo state government to do the needful.
 In a special way, we appeal to the traditional leaders of Edo state, most especially, our most revealed Oba of the Benin kingdom,Oba Eware 2, "The Ogidigan of Benin kingdom " to prevail on Edo State government to do something urgently, concerning the institution. It is either they return the institution to its former status as a College or keep to the promise of making it a university with immediate effects. By putting modalities in place that will facilitate the admission of students in this next academic session.
   We want to see the "wake and see governor"
Play out this  nickname tagged him in an immediate response and solution to ensuing that the right thing is done.
  Long live the great College Of  Education, Ekiadolor, Benin City !
Long live The Heartbeat of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria! Long live  Our Great Country, Nigeria.

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