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About is an educational blog, it was set up with the intent to help reduce illiteracy rate world wild thereby ensuring that everyone have easy access to education. As we all know the world has gone global so we make use of the digital globalization to our own advantage in the educational sector by creating this educational blog called lectportal. 
    The word "lectportal" from the link is the abridged version of Lectures Portal, what we're all about is that we tutor everyone that log on to our blog, and assist students out there with our teaching, we always break down each of our teachings in every possible ways so that student can assimilate and understand them.
  In this educational blog our tutor are always the best, we hive nothing but the best in other to assist school kids, kids doing assignments and also provide university updates as fast as we can.
What we do here are :
• We post teachings from different schools subject covering the area of English language, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Agricultural science, Civic education, Christian Religion Studies, Government and also post kids stories so you can read whenever you're bored or read during bed time so you would have a sweet and lovely night rest.

• We give university update as fast as we can so you all will get notified about what is currently going on in different universities.

We give first-class teaching because when it comes to education we don't joke with it, our targeting are mostly School kids, students, universities students and those getting ready to write external exams such as the West Africa Examination Council known as Waec, National Examination Council known as Neco, Joint Admission and Matriculation Board known as Jamb, GCE and all kinds of external exams.

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